Build Metron Images

Based on the fantastic Bento project developed by Chef.

Images Provided

  • base-centos-6.7: Centos 6.7 + HDP. Used in the full-dev-platform Vagrant image


Build Both Images

Navigate to <your-project-directory>/metron-deployment/packer-build Execute bin/bento build

Packer will build both images and export .box files to the ./builds directory.

Build Single Images

Navigate to your-project-directory/metron-deployment/packer-build

  • Base Centos (full-dev)
bin/bento build base-centos-6.7.json

Using Your New Box File

Modify the relevant Vagrantfile (full-dev-platform) replacing the lines:

<pre><code> = "<i>box_name</i>"
config.ssh.insert_key = true</code></pre>


<pre></code> = "<i>test_box_name</i>" = "<i>PathToBoxfile/Boxfilename</i>"
config.ssh.insert_key = true</code></pre>

Launch the image as usual.

Node: Vagrant will cache boxes, you can force Vagrant to reload your box by running vagrant box remove test_box_name before launching your new image.