Monit Integration

This role will leverage Monit as a process watchdog to manage sensors, topologies, and core services.

  • Monit can be used to start, stop, or check status of any of the sensors or topologies.
  • When monitoring is enabled (on by default) if a process dies, it will be restarted.
  • The Monit web interface is exposed at http://hostname:2812.
  • The web interface username and password is defined by the monit_user and monit_password variables. These default to admin/monit.
  • Monit CLI tools can also be used to simplify the process of managing Metron components.
  • The post-deployment report for Amazon-EC2 provides links to Monit’s web interface labeled as ‘Sensor Status’ and ‘Topology Status.’

      ok: [localhost] => {
    "Success": [
        "Apache Metron deployed successfully",
        "   Metron          @",
        "   Ambari          @",
        "   Sensor Status   @",
        "   Topology Status @",
        "For additional information, see'"


Start all Metron components

monit start all

Stop all Metron components

monit stop all

Start an individual Metron component

monit start bro-parser

Start all components required to ingest Bro data

monit -g bro start

Start all parsers

monit -g parsers start

What is running?

monit summary