This project provides RPM packages that allow you to install Metron on an RPM-based operating system like CentOS.

If you are installing Metron using Ambari, these packages are necessary prerequisites when installing on an RPM-based platform like CentOS. Installing Metron using only these packages still leaves a considerable amount of configuration necessary to get Metron running. Installing with Ambari automates these additional steps.


  • Docker: Please ensure that Docker is installed and that the daemon is running.

Quick Start

  1. Execute the following command from the project’s root directory.

    mvn clean package -DskipTests -Pbuild-rpms
  2. The packages will be accessible from the following location once the build process completes.


Build Packages

If Metron has already been built, just the RPM packages can be built by executing the following commands.

  cd metron-deployment
  mvn clean package -Pbuild-debs

How does this work?

Using the build-rpms profile as shown above, effectively automates the following steps.

  1. Copy the tarball for each Metron sub-project to the target working directory.

  2. Build a Docker image of a CentOS host called rpm-docker that contains all of the tools needed to build the packages.

    docker build -t rpm-docker .
  3. Execute the script within the Docker container. The argument passed to the build script is the current version of Metron.

    docker run -v `pwd`:/root rpm-docker:latest /bin/bash -c ./ <metron-version>
  4. This results in the RPMs being generated within the following directory.