Installs OpenTAXII as a deamon that can be launched via a SysV service script. The complementary client implementation, Cabby is also installed.

OpenTAXII is a robust Python implementation of TAXII Services that delivers a rich feature set and friendly pythonic API. TAXII (Trusted Automated eXchange of Indicator Information) is a collection of specifications defining a set of services and message exchanges used for sharing cyber threat intelligence information between parties.

Getting Started

After deployment completes the OpenTAXII service is installed and running. A set of Hail a TAXII threat intel collections have been defined and configured. Use the status option to view the collections that have been defined.

$ service opentaxii status
Checking opentaxii...                             Running
guest.phishtank_com                                0
guest.Abuse_ch                                     0
guest.CyberCrime_Tracker                           0
guest.EmergingThreats_rules                        0
guest.Lehigh_edu                                   0
guest.MalwareDomainList_Hostlist                   0
guest.blutmagie_de_torExits                        0
guest.dataForLast_7daysOnly                        0
guest.dshield_BlockList                            0

Notice that each collections contain zero records. None of the data is automatically synced during deployment. To sync the data manually use the sync option as defined below. The following example does not provide a begin and end time so the data will be fetched for the current day only.

# service opentaxii sync guest.blutmagie_de_torExits
2016-04-21 20:34:42,511 INFO: Starting new HTTP connection (1): localhost
2016-04-21 20:34:42,540 INFO: Response received for Inbox_Message from http://localhost:9000/services/inbox
2016-04-21 20:34:42,542 INFO: Sending Inbox_Message to http://localhost:9000/services/inbox
2016-04-21 20:34:42,719 INFO: Response received for Poll_Request from http://localhost:9000/services/poll
2016-04-21 20:34:42,719 INFO: Content blocks count: 1618, is partial: False

The OpenTAXII service now contains 1,618 threat intel records indicating Tor Exit nodes.

[root@source ~]# service opentaxii status
Checking opentaxii...                             Running
guest.phishtank_com                                0
guest.Abuse_ch                                     0
guest.CyberCrime_Tracker                           0
guest.EmergingThreats_rules                        0
guest.Lehigh_edu                                   0
guest.MalwareDomainList_Hostlist                   0
guest.blutmagie_de_torExits                        1618
guest.dataForLast_7daysOnly                        0
guest.dshield_BlockList                            0


A standard SysV script has been installed to manage OpenTAXII. The following functions are available.

start stop restart the OpenTAXII service

status of the OpenTAXII service. The command displays the collections that have been defined and the number of records in each.

$ service opentaxii status
Checking opentaxii...                             Running
guest.phishtank_com                                984
guest.Abuse_ch                                     45
guest.CyberCrime_Tracker                           482
guest.EmergingThreats_rules                        0
guest.Lehigh_edu                                   1030
guest.MalwareDomainList_Hostlist                   84
guest.blutmagie_de_torExits                        3236
guest.dataForLast_7daysOnly                        3377
guest.dshield_BlockList                            0

setup Initializes the services and collections required to operate the OpenTAXII service. This will destroy all existing data. The user is prompted to continue before any data is destroyed.

# service opentaxii setup
WARNING: force reset and destroy all opentaxii data? [Ny]: y
Stopping opentaxii                                ..Ok
2016-04-21T19:56:01.886157Z [opentaxii.server] info: api.persistence.loaded {timestamp=2016-04-21T19:56:01.886157Z, logger=opentaxii.server, api_class=SQLDatabaseAPI, event=api.persistence.loaded, level=info}
2016-04-21T19:56:01.896503Z [opentaxii.server] info: api.auth.loaded {timestamp=2016-04-21T19:56:01.896503Z, logger=opentaxii.server, api_class=SQLDatabaseAPI, event=api.auth.loaded, level=info}
2016-04-21T19:56:01.896655Z [opentaxii.server] info: taxiiserver.configured {timestamp=2016-04-21T19:56:01.896655Z, logger=opentaxii.server, event=taxiiserver.configured, level=info}

sync [collection] [begin-at] [end-at] Syncs the threat intel data available at Hail a TAXII. If no begin and end date is provided then data is synced over the current day only.

  • collection Name of the collection to sync.
  • begin-at Exclusive begin of time window; ISO8601
  • end-at Inclusive end of time window; ISO8601
$ service opentaxii sync guest.phishtank_com
+ /usr/local/opentaxii/opentaxii-venv/bin/taxii-proxy --poll-path --poll-collection guest.phishtank_com --inbox-path http://localhost:9000/services/guest.phishtank_com-inbox --inbox-collection guest.phishtank_com --binding --begin 2016-04-21 --end 2016-04-22
2016-04-21 17:36:23,778 INFO: Sending Poll_Request to
2016-04-21 17:36:23,784 INFO: Starting new HTTP connection (1):
2016-04-21 17:36:24,175 INFO: Response received for Poll_Request from
2016-04-21 17:36:24,274 INFO: Sending Inbox_Message to http://localhost:9000/services/guest.phishtank_com-inbox
2016-04-21 17:36:34,867 INFO: Response received for Poll_Request from http://localhost:9000/services/guest.phishtank_com-poll
2016-04-21 17:36:34,868 INFO: Content blocks count: 6993, is partial: False


Should you need to explore the installation, here are instructions on doing so.

OpenTAXII is installed in a virtual environment. Before exploring the environment run the following commands to perform the necessary setup. The specific paths may change depending on your Ansible settings.

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/rh/python27/root/usr/lib64
export OPENTAXII_CONFIG=/usr/local/opentaxii/etc/opentaxii-conf.yml
cd /usr/local/opentaxii
. opentaxii-venv/bin/activate

Discover available services.

taxii-discovery --discovery http://localhost:9000/services/discovery
taxii-discovery --discovery

Explore available collections.

taxii-collections --discovery http://localhost:9000/services/discovery
taxii-collections --discovery

Read data from a collection.

taxii-poll --discovery http://localhost:9000/services/discovery -c guest.phishtank_com
taxii-poll --discovery -c guest.phishtank_com --begin 2016-04-20

Manually load data into a collection.

taxii-push \
  --discovery http://localhost:9000/services/discovery \
  --dest phishtank \
  --content-file data.xml \
  --username guest \
  --password guest

Fetch data from a remote service and mirror it locally.

taxii-proxy --poll-path \
            --poll-collection guest.phishtank_com \
            --inbox-path http://localhost:9000/services/guest.phishtank_com-inbox \
            --inbox-collection guest.phishtank_com \
            --binding \
            --inbox-username guest \
            --inbox-password guest \
            --begin 2016-04-20