This project has retired. For details please refer to its Attic page.
Metron – How To Contribute

How To Contribute

As an open source project, Metron welcomes contributions of all forms. There are several great ways to contribute!

  • Contributing a Code Change
  • Reviewing pull requests on our GitHub page. Check out current open Pull Requests
  • Improve our documentation. Our docs are self contained in the project in README files. Doc changes are the same process as a code change. See Contributing a Code Change
  • Contributing to or starting discussions on the mailing lists. Both the user and dev lists are great places to give and receive help, or provide feedback. See Mailing Lists
  • Filing tickets for features, enhancements, and bugs to our JIRA. Take a look at Reporting Issues and the Metron JIRA

Contributing A Code Change

  1. Open a JIRA ticket associated with your change, if one doesn’t already exist. Assign it to yourself and give a good description.
    • Feel free to ask questions on the lists and collaborate!
  2. Implement your change
    • We recommend setting up Travis CI on your personal Github repo to handle long running testing. If the Travis build fails, you’ll want to look into it. See Getting started for instructions.
  3. Open a GitHub Pull Request with your change
  4. Iterate on your change with reviewers until it’s merged into master.

Development Guidelines

The full guidelines can be found on the Metron wiki. They boil down to

  1. Make sure you’ve tested your change.
  2. Make sure you’ve documented your change.
  3. Follow the Google Java Style Guide
    • If the file is a different style follow that style.
  4. Be open to feedback.