This project has retired. For details please refer to its Attic page.
Metron – Current Build

Current Build

The latest build of metron-platform is 0.7.1.

We are still in the process of merging/porting additional features from our production code base into this open source release. This release will be followed by a number of additional beta releases until the port is complete. We will also work on getting additional documentation and user/developer guides to the community as soon as we can. At this time we offer no support for the beta software, but will try to respond to requests as promptly as we can.


Extensible set of Storm topologies and topology attributes for streaming, enriching, indexing, and storing telemetry in Hadoop. General information on Metron is available at


Please see documentation within each individual module for description and usage instructions. Sample topologies are provided under Metron_Topologies to get you started with the framework. We pre-assume knowledge of Hadoop, Storm, Kafka, Zookeeper, and HBase.