This project has retired. For details please refer to its Attic page.
Metron – Metron Sensors

Metron Sensors

  • metron-bro-plugin-kafka: Provides integration between Bro and Kafka. A Bro plugin that sends logging output to Kafka. This provides a convenient means for tools in the Hadoop ecosystem, such as Storm, Spark, and others to process the data generated by Bro.

  • fastcapa: Performs fast network packet capture by leveraging Linux kernel-bypass and user space networking technology. The probe will bind to a network interface, capture network packets, and send the raw packet data to Kafka. This provides a scalable mechanism for ingesting high-volumes of network packet data.

  • pycapa: Performs lightweight network packet capture, retrieves network packets from Kafka, generates libpcap-compliant files, and enables integration with third-party tools like Wireshark.