This project has retired. For details please refer to its Attic page.
Metron –

This provides a Docker Container containing all of the prerequisites required to build Metron. This allows you to easily build Metron without installing all of the build dependencies manually.


  • Docker: Please ensure that Docker is installed and that the daemon is running.

Quick Start

  1. Build the Docker container.

    cd metron-deployment/packaging/docker/ansible-docker
    docker build -t ansible-docker:latest .
  2. Launch the container.

    docker run -it \
      -v `pwd`/../../../..:/root/metron \
      -v ~/.m2:/root/.m2 \
      ansible-docker:latest bash

    This maps the Metron source code along with your local Maven repository to the container. This will prevent you from having to re-download all of these dependencies each time you build Metron.

  3. Execute the following inside the Docker container to build Metron.

    cd /root/metron
    mvn clean package -DskipTests


If you wish to use this build with a vagrant instance, then after building with rpms as above, modify your usual vagrant up command to skip the build role, as so:

  vagrant --ansible-skip-tags="build" up